Computer Vision Software

Improve your process Efficiency, Reliability and Scalability.

Our custom software solutions provide a way for manufacturers, agriculturists & municipalities to replace manual effort with computer vision and AI.

Our easy process

How it Works

1. Discovery Call

We’ll discuss your current challenges and desired outcomes and the ways pysource can impact your business.

2. Proposal

Our Team will analyze your situation and come back with a custom software solution proposal built to solve your manual visual task.

3. Software Development

Once approved, our Team builds your solution with set meetings to discuss progress over a 1-3 month project timeline.

4. Go Live

The software will be installed on your machine (or a dedicated device) and it will be trained to work autonomously.

The Benefits

Why choose Us


Replace your manual processes with our high-speed, real time software.


Depend on our software to provide the newest technology and algorithms.


Our software will grow with you as you expand your operations.

Excellent value

Our software provides high ROI (Return of investment) over time.


Once installed and running, our software will not require you to make daily adjustments.

Remote Support

and Maintenance

Our remote access reduces costs and provides faster response times.

Solution For All Businesses

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solutions will benefit your Company?


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Our growing numbers

80k +


People who access our resources through: courses, tutorials, videos.

Articles about Computer Vision and Deep Learning.

Subscribers on the Pysource Youtube channel

Professional Video Courses with custom source codes.

Projects we build

Case studies

Quality inspection

Inspect the quality of products that are passing on a conveyor belt. Products can be classified in different classes and identified in real-time.

Traffic Management

Traffic management software to detect and track: vehicles, plates, law violations, accidents, parkings and other…

People counting and Facial Recognition

Identify and Count people that are inside a shop, a gas station, walking on a road and so on.


Automate all the processes inside your company that require visual recognition and AI.

Entertainment and VR

Build custom VR solutions for events, museums and shows like for example interactive games using video projectors.

Custom solutions for you

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innovate your business