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What can you do with Computer Vision?

With “Computer Vision” we define literally a computer that sees. We humans do it with the eyes, the computer does it with a camera.

So anything that requires visual recognition can potentially be part of it: vehicle classification, plants detection, products recognition on a conveyor belt, just to name a few practical applications for industries.

But also face filters (like on instagram), person recognition, cancer detection and much more.

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Add functions, feedforward and backpropagation

In this lesson we’re going to simplify the neuron by using functions in our code but first we’ll quickly review the neuron on the whiteboard to explain visually the functions we’re introducing on our code.Nothing new is going to be added, the only reason why...

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Add multiple Images , neural network

In this lesson we’re going to see how to add multiple images to train the neuron with. In addition to the vertical white line image we used in the previous lesson, we’re adding also the horizontal white line, so that the neuron will be trained...

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Train the Neuron Neural network

In the previous lesson the Neuron that we created wasn’t able to identify correctly the vertical image, so our goal right now is training the neuron so that it can correctly perform that operation. You will learn: Calculate the error.What does mean training a neuronHow...

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Hi There,

my name is Sergio,

In the past 3 years I’ve been teaching and working on different Computer Vision projects.

You can get a proof of my dedication by taking a look at my youtube channel (Pysource) where you’ll find more than 80 free video tutorials with related blog post and source code.

My videos are watched by tens of thousands of people each month.

What can you get here?

The Academy is a complete videocourse which teaches you how to build advanced Computer vision applications from scratch.




If youre a developer, a student or the owner of a company you can contact me for contracting work, private lessons or consulting.

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