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If you want to integrate Computer vision on your company, estimate your startup idea or train your developers.

Software Development

Do you want to delegate the development of your Software or Prototype to our experts?


The best way to learn and build projects by yourself, it’s through our dedicated courses that you’ll find here.

Here some of the projects we developed

Security Cameras

You can detect people, count customers, the gender, estimate their age, detect the distance and more… anything that the camera sees, the computer understands.

Farm Automation

Livestock farming also becomes smart. You can track the animals, verify the water resources and the animal welfare just to name a few.

Sport Analysis

You can track sports stats: players position on the field, ball movement, scores, and any statistic related to the specific sport.

Quality inspection

You can integrate computer vision on manufacturing to check the quality of your products.

Traffic Analysis

You can detect and track the vehicles, their direction, speed, type (if car, bus, truck, motorbike or other) and get different types of stats.

Drone and Agriculture

You can use a drone to automatically analyze a plantation.

You can for example: count crops and estimate their homogeneity.

and more …


Hi there,

My name is Sergio and here are a few things you should know about me and pysource:

  • I’m a Computer Vision Consultant, Developer and Course Instructor.
  • Founded in 2017 to help companies and freelancers to build easily and quickly, efficient Computer Vision software.
  • 130+ Videos and Articles released about Computer Vision.
  • 80k+ people per month access our content.
  • 3+ Million Youtube views
  • Collaborated with Universities for Research projects, Freelancers, Business owners and have clients from more than 25 different countries.

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80k +


People who access our resources through: courses, tutorials, videos.

Articles about Computer Vision and Deep Learning.

Subscribers on the Pysource Youtube channel

Professional Video Courses with custom source codes and easiest implementation you can find.


5 Stand-alone complete Modules
20+ Python Source codes ready to run on your machine
30+ Video Lessons, easy to follow, with step-by-step explanation.
17+ Hours of content
Discussion section where you can ask questions
2 bonuses
30 Day Money back guarantee
Training Notebook (Google Colab)
9+ Video Lessons + Source Codes
The Fastest way to train your custom Mask R-CNN Detector.
Train multiple classes
Discussion section where you can ask questions
Custom model Settings
Easily install and uun Mask R-CNN on your Machine.


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