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Over the last 5 years I helped thousands of developers, researchers, students and companies around the world to build computer vision projects in the easiest and most efficient way.



Ideal for startups

If you need help finding a solution for your project or you need custom code written for your needs.


Ideal for students/developers/startups

The best way to learn and build projects by yourself, it’s through the dedicated courses that you’ll find here.

Software Development

Ideal for small/medium companies

Do you want to delegate the development of your Software or Prototype?

Here some samples of projects you can build…

Security Cameras

You can detect people, count customers, the gender, estimate their age, detect the distance and more… anything that the camera sees, the computer understands.

Farm Automation

Livestock farming also becomes smart. You can track the animals, verify the water resources and the animal welfare just to name a few.

Sport Analysis

You can track sports stats: players position on the field, ball movement, scores, and any statistic related to the specific sport.

Quality inspection

You can integrate computer vision on manufacturing to check the quality of your products.

Traffic Analysis

You can detect and track the vehicles, their direction, speed, type (if car, bus, truck, motorbike or other) and get different types of stats.

Drone and Agriculture

You can use a drone to automatically analyze a plantation.

You can for example: count crops and estimate their homogeneity.

and more …

Learn to build your own Software

Join the FREE Workshop Computer Blueprint where I’ll teach you how to build a Computer Vision Software to detect and track any object.


Hi there,

This is Sergio,

  • I’m a Computer Vision Consultant, Developer and Course Instructor.
  • Founded pysource.com in 2017 to help companies and freelancers to build easily and quickly, efficient Computer Vision software.
  • 150+ Videos and Articles released about Computer Vision.
  • 80k+ people per month access our content.
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  • Collaborated with Universities for Research projects, Freelancers, Business owners and have clients from more than 25 different countries.

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Object Detection

Opencv & Deep Learning

Build Computer Vision Software to DETECT and TRACK any object even if you have a basic Python programming knowledge.

Train Mask R-CNN


The fastest way to train a custom Mask R-CNN detector to detect and segment any object.


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