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What can you do with Computer Vision?

With “Computer Vision” we define literally a computer that sees. We humans do it with the eyes, the computer does it with a camera.

So anything that requires visual recognition can potentially be part of it: vehicle classification, plants detection, products recognition on a conveyor belt, just to name a few practical applications for industries.

But also face filters (like on instagram), person recognition, cancer detection and much more.

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How crop images with OpenCV and Python

In this video, we will see an important and basic function of OpenCV and precisely How crop images with OpenCV and Python. It might seem a foregone and trivial thing for those who know Opencv but cropping images with Python can be of help to...

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Install OpenCV AI Kit (OAK) on Windows

OpenCV AI Kit (OAK) Today we are going to try an interesting device: OpenCV AI Kit (OAK) version D on Windows. In this tutorial, specifically, we will see: How to install OpenCV AI Kit (OAK) on windowsRun three deep learning models: Object Detection, Face Detection,...

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Object Tracking with Opencv and Python

In this tutorial we will learn how to use Object Tracking with Opencv and Python. First of all it must be clear that what is the difference between object detection and object tracking: Object detection is the detection on every single frame and frame after...

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Who am I?

Hi there,

I’m Sergio, a Computer Vision Developer and founder of Pysource.

I help companies, freelancers and students to learn easily and efficiently how to apply visual recognition to their projects.

To get a taste of what I offer, I shared for free well over 100 videos on my youtube channel (Pysource), where my content is watched by tens of thousands of people each month.

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