Add watermark to multiple images with Opencv and Python

We’re going to see right now how to add a watermark automatically to multiple images using Opencv with Python.

So for example if this logo:

And this image:

Adding a watermark will look like this:

First of all we import the libraries and on line 4 we load the logo using Opencv.
On line 5 we get the height and width of the logo. We will need it later.

import cv2
import numpy as np
import glob
import os

logo = cv2.imread("mylogo.png")
h_logo, w_logo, _ = logo.shape

Now once we have the logo, we have to get the path of all the images where we want to place the watermark.
To do this we will use the glob library. On line 12 we loop through all the images, on line 13 we load the image, and on line 14 we get height and with of the image.

images_path = glob.glob("images/*.*")

print("Adding watermark")
for img_path in images_path:
    img = cv2.imread(img_path)
    h_img, w_img, _ = img.shape

It depends where we would like to place the watermark, we should now choose the location.
It is possible to place it anywhere on the image, but as I decided to place it in the center, we’re going to get the center location of the image.

    # Get the center of the original. It's the location where we will place the watermark
    center_y = int(h_img / 2)
    center_x = int(w_img / 2)
    top_y = center_y - int(h_logo / 2)
    left_x = center_x - int(w_logo / 2)
    bottom_y = top_y + h_logo
    right_x = left_x + w_logo

Using the center coordinates of the image and the with and height of the logo, we cut on the center of the image a portion with the size of the logo. We will call this ROI, (region of interest).

We will then add the ROI with the logo using the cv2.addWeighted(). This is the core of Watermark effect. Using addweighted we can choose to give the opacity to the logo so that it will look nice and smooth when placed over the image.

    # Get ROI
    roi = img[top_y: bottom_y, left_x: right_x]

    # Add the Logo to the Roi
    result = cv2.addWeighted(roi, 1, logo, 0.3, 0)

    # Replace the ROI on the image
    img[top_y: bottom_y, left_x: right_x] = result

Finally we save the image with the Watermark added.

    # Get filename and save the image
    filename = os.path.basename(img_path)
    cv2.imwrite("images/watermarked_" + filename, img)

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