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Today we will talk about OAK-D Lite, a device designed for computer vision and with multiple functions so as to be defined by the manufacturer Luxonis “The Swiss Army Knife of Computer Vision”.

In the past, we have already talked about a Luxonis OpenCV AI Kit (OAK) product and precisely how to install it. In this case, instead, we will see:

  1. What is OAK-D Lite device and what are the features
  2. How to install it
  3. Test the software that comes with this device
OAK-D Lite camera

1. What is OAK-D Lite device and what are the features

OAK-D Lite is a very compact device with 3 cameras, the central one is a 4K camera, and the other two on the sides are used to identify the distance of the objects.

 OAK-D Lite description

It is not just a video camera because inside there is a CPU capable of processing artificial intelligence, this means that every process concerning computer vision is processed by the device and the computer only receives the processing. This is great if, for example, you have to use a raspberry pi which is very poor in terms of processing computer vision results and can be done with this device. For more technical details, I invite you to see the official documentation.

2. How to install it

After connecting the OAK-D Lite with the USB port, we follow the installation instructions but they are so simple that you just need to copy and paste these lines on the terminal to successfully complete all the necessary basic installations.

git clone
cd depthai

Warning: if there are problems with the “git clone” command you may need before installing this package

3. Test the software that comes with this device

When the installation is complete, it may take about 1 minute, you can run this command to run a demo test.


This is the result. On the left we have the camera output and on the right there is a menu where we can choose the model and different settings that we want to apply in real time.

OAK-D Lite demo software

There are also several pre-set models and we can choose which camera to use, we also have the depth. Here is an example and as you can see the depth is not accurate but it is because filters are normally used and this is just a demo.

OAK-D Lite demo depht

Test the models on the OAK-D Lite

In the AI tab there are many models ready to test, here is a list. If not immediately ready for use, the model will be downloaded and installed automatically and in a few seconds.

Here are some examples of used models. The accuracy and speed are not maximum also because the model is not optimized but a simple test.

Human pose estimation

pose estimation




yolo v3

Conclusions on OAK-D Lite

OAK-D Lite is a great device for building a project quickly and applying computer vision for example on Raspberry pi or other devices that would hardly support it. We will see some tests in the near future to understand how to make the most of it.


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