Traffic Survey: improve efficiency of traffic analysis with AI

A traffic survey company is a specialist firm that gathers and analyzes data on traffic patterns. This data is crucial for various purposes related to transportation planning and management.

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In general, a traffic survey company deals with collecting traffic data through various methods. The data collection takes place through on-site personnel who take care of the counting, and recording of the traffic flow using cameras or sensors positioned on the road surface. The customer will receive the result of data processing, for example, the type of vehicles passing on the road, travel times, traffic volume, and other detected parameters.

Who are the customers of traffic surveys?:

  • Government agencies responsible for transportation planning and infrastructure development.
  • Private companies are involved in construction projects that could impact traffic flow.
  • City planners seek to improve traffic management and safety in urban areas.

Traffic Survey implementation examples

We will see some examples of the application of computer vision and artificial intelligence to traffic surveys on CCTV camera

Mid-Block and Turning Movement Count Surveys

This aspect involves monitoring the passage and type of vehicles in a specific area. The simplest example is monitoring a straight road, you draw a line in the middle and count the vehicles going up or down.

Mid-Block and Turning Movement Count Surveys

When the software with computer vision and artificial intelligence is not present, an operator will mark in a table how many and which vehicles and the direction in that specific stretch of road. Counting and data collection is divided into 15-minute blocks, this is standard. The same type of monitoring can also be done on car intersections or roundabouts. For example, it is used to understand the direction of the car.

You can automate this with artificial intelligence, in the image below you can see an intersection with 4 areas defined by the color fuchsia and you can precisely track the movement of each vehicle.

The software automatically saves the counts in the database. By automating data collection you can easily understand that the possibility of monitoring more areas is increased

Speed and Travel Time Surveys

Speed and Travel Time Surveys measure the average speed the vehicle travels over 10 meters. This measurement has the advantage of evaluating road performance and identifying congestion points to improve traffic flow and mobility. All this without the use of sensors but only with CCTV and software.

traffic Surveys medium speed

Here is an example of how a speed detection system can be implemented: Speed Detection From CCTV

Signal Timing Surveys

Tracking vehicles is useful not only for traffic surveys but also for improving traffic flow in real time. For example, you could send the signal to the traffic light to turn green if there are no vehicles at the intersection instead of basing everything on time.

Queue Length and Delay Surveys

This aspect measures the length of queues and points of congested traffic. Knowing these values you can make changes to the road flow and implement strategies to improve road flow.

Pedestrian Surveys

As you can see in the image below, the software identifies people on the sidewalk and tracks them to provide insights into pedestrian activity, safety issues, and accessibility needs, informing the design of walkable communities, infrastructure improvements, and pedestrian-friendly policies.

pedestrian survey

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