AnimeGANv2 photo to a cartoon

In this tutorial, we will see how to use AnimeGANv2 to convert a cartoon image in just 4 steps. Before going on I suggest you download the notebook to use on google Colab and follow the instructions. No effort will be required for programming the installation of libraries but you just need a Gmail account, […]

3 Mistakes you should avoid | Computer Vision

Today we will see the 3 most common mistakes you should avoid when working on your computer vision project. How do I know what to recommend? Because since I opened my Youtube channel and developed projects for many clients, I have received several comments and feedback. Based on these I have identified some patterns and […]

Kalman filter, predict the trajectory of an Object

In this tutorial, we will see a practical approach on how to use the Kalman filter to track and predict the trajectory of an object. If you need the mathematical explanation I suggest you read the Wikipedia page. At first, I will show simple examples by drawing dots on the screen and having the trajectory […]

Speed detection from CCTV with OpenCV and Deep Learning

In this article, we will see how to use CCTV camera footage to calculate the vehicle speed detection of each individual vehicle passing on the road. I will divide the tutorial into 4 parts but I will focus in particular on the part to calculate the speed of the vehicles: 1) Detect and track vehicles2) […]

Simple Color recognition with Opencv and Python

In this tutorial, we will learn how to use simple color recognition with the webcam. If you need more details on Opencv color format I suggest you also see the official guide about BGR and HSV and then continue with this tutorial. We will use the simple functions of OpenCV in 3 steps: Difference between […]

Object tracking from scratch – OpenCV and python

Object tracking, how to get started Before starting with Object Tracking and Object detection you must make sure that you have installed all the necessary libraries.If you don’t have Opencv installed this is the command to run Download the files that we will use in this tutorial through the link at the bottom of the […]

Face recognition in real-time with OpenCV and Python

What is face recognition? With face recognition, we not only identify the person by drawing a box on his face but we also know how to give a precise name. With OpenCV and Python, through a database, we compare the person’s photo and we know how to identify it precisely. In this tutorial, we will […]

Train Mask R-CNN for Image Segmentation (online free gpu)

Note: Due to continuous maintenance needs, we no longer support the free version of the notebook.We only offer the PRO version, available at this link: Mask R-CNN PRO. We will see in the simplest way possible to train the Mask R-CNN detector. Mask R-CNN is a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) that not only identifies the […]