Build your OBJECT DETECTION SOFTWARE – Crash course

After watching this crash course about Object Detection software you will be able to create object detection software that can be easily used by anyone. Thanks to a simple graphic interface and the possibility of connecting external video resources, it will be possible to make the most of the potential of computer vision even by […]

How to count people from CCTV cameras

We will see how to identify and count people from CCTV cameras with the highest accuracy possible. I will explain the main problems you might find in making this project and what the best strategy is. Count people from a CCTV camera in a bakery store We will understand what is the best way to […]

How to code an OpenCV project from a phone (with Google Colab)

In this tutorial, we will see how to make an entire OpenCV project from a phone project entirely from your phone. It doesn’t matter which phone you have, all you need is an internet connection and a browser. You can take a picture and upload it to your notebook to identify objects and get a […]

AnimeGANv2 photo to a cartoon

In this tutorial, we will see how to use AnimeGANv2 to convert a cartoon image in just 4 steps. Before going on I suggest you download the notebook to use on google Colab and follow the instructions. No effort will be required for programming the installation of libraries but you just need a Gmail account, […]

Kalman filter, predict the trajectory of an Object

In this tutorial, we will see a practical approach on how to use the Kalman filter to track and predict the trajectory of an object. If you need the mathematical explanation I suggest you read the Wikipedia page. At first, I will show simple examples by drawing dots on the screen and having the trajectory […]

Simple Color recognition with Opencv and Python

In this tutorial, we will learn how to use simple color recognition with the webcam. If you need more details on Opencv color format I suggest you also see the official guide about BGR and HSV and then continue with this tutorial. We will use the simple functions of OpenCV in 3 steps: Difference between […]

Object tracking from scratch – OpenCV and python

Object tracking, how to get started Before starting with Object Tracking and Object detection you must make sure that you have installed all the necessary libraries.If you don’t have Opencv installed this is the command to run Download the files that we will use in this tutorial through the link at the bottom of the […]

k-Nearest Neighbour classification – OpenCV 3.4 with python 3 Tutorial 33

Source code: [python] import cv2 import numpy as np def mouse_pos(event, x, y, flags, params): global squares, color, new_element if event == cv2.EVENT_LBUTTONDOWN: if color == "b": blue_squares.append([x, y]) elif color == "r": red_squares.append([x, y]) else: new_element = [x, y] # Create Window and Set mouse events cv2.namedWindow("Frame") cv2.setMouseCallback("Frame", mouse_pos) # Create an empty image […]

Background Subtraction – OpenCV 3.4 with python 3 Tutorial 32

We’re going to learn in this tutorial how to subtract the background on a video. The concept of background subtraction is really simple. On the video we take the first frame, and we find the absolute difference with another frame. Let’s see an example where we take the first frame and the frame 100 and […]