Face swapping (explained in 8 steps) – Opencv with Python

In this article I’m going to explain how to do face swapping using Opencv with Python in 8 simple steps. This is a quick explanation of each step, but I’ve also done for each of them an entire full tutorial where I show how to do the coding. You can download the full source code […]

Swap faces – Face swapping Opencv with Python (part 5)

We’re going to see in this video the “core” of face swapping, where we finally swap both faces and we can see the first interesting results. We will focuso on this tutorial on the explanation of only the swapping part, if you want to understand all the process from the beginning, go and check the […]

Delaunay Triangulation for Face swapping – Opencv with Python (part 2)

We’re going to see in this tutorial how to split the face into triangles using Delaunay Triangulation. Why are we splitting the face into triangles?For face swapping this is the best approach to use, we split both the faces into triangles and then we swap the triangles in the corrispondent region. Sergio CanuHi there, I’m […]

Face swapping – Opencv with Python (part 1)

We’re going to learn in this new tutorial series how to create the snapchat filter “Face swap”. In this first tutorial wi will learn how to: Get the external boundaries of the face Extract the face from the image Here below you will find the full source code and a really quick explanation. You will […]