Create Layer Class

We’re going to see in this lesson: What is a layer How to create a Layer class How to train the layer 4.7.1 What is a Layer In this lesson we will see how from a neuron we can create a Layer.I’ve bounded the neuron with a green rectangle, and we can call that Output layer […]

Add functions, feedforward and backpropagation

In this lesson we’re going to simplify the neuron by using functions in our code but first we’ll quickly review the neuron on the whiteboard to explain visually the functions we’re introducing on our code.Nothing new is going to be added, the only reason why we use the function is to simplify the code and […]

Add multiple Images , neural network

In this lesson we’re going to see how to add multiple images to train the neuron with. In addition to the vertical white line image we used in the previous lesson, we’re adding also the horizontal white line, so that the neuron will be trained for both of them. In this lesson you will learn: […]

Train the Neuron Neural network

In the previous lesson the Neuron that we created wasn’t able to identify correctly the vertical image, so our goal right now is training the neuron so that it can correctly perform that operation. You will learn: Calculate the error. What does mean training a neuron How we adjust the weights How to train the […]

How to create a Neuron from scratch with python

We’re going to introduce in this chapter what is a Neuron.The purpose of a neuron is that of taking an input and in return give us an output, with also the capacity that the neuron can learn from its mistakes. So the neuron can check if the output is wrong, and adjust itself to be […]

Create an automatic image classifier

You will learn: How to Improve the classifier to find the filter automatically Increase the difficulty of the detection by adding new images and with bigger size Test the classifier with new images Find the filter automatically In the previous lesson we learnt how to create a really simple image classifier that was able to […]

Create a simple Image Classifier

You will learn: How to prepare the image to be classified How to create an image classifier Classify the image using the classifier we’ve built 1. How to prepare the image to be classified? Classify an image means that we want to assign a class name to an image. For example let’s take the images […]