Check if a set of images match the original one with Opencv and Python

[emaillocker id=”26670″] images [/emaillocker] Import the libraries and load Sift and Flann objects From Line 1 to Line 3 we import the libraries. We added a new library glob, which we need to read all the files from a specific folder. It’s by default installed in python, so you don’t need to do anything, […]

Detect how similar two images are with Opencv and Python

While in the previous tutorial we learnt to detect if there are similarities between two images, but what if we would like to know how similar they are? We are going to see in this tutorial, how starting from the features of the two images we can define a percentage of similarity from 0 to […]

Find similarities between two images with Opencv and Python

We have seen in the previous tutorial if two images are completely equal (same size, same channels, and same pixels values). But what if they’re not equal?The subtraction method doesn’t work anymore, as we can’t subtract pixels from images that have different sizes, we would get an error. In this article you will learn how […]

Check if two images are equal with Opencv and Python

[emaillocker id=2113] File: [/emaillocker] Finding if two images are equal with Opencv, is a quite simple operation. There are 2 fundamental elements to consider: The images have both the same size and channels Each pixel has the same value We’re going first to load the images. If you want to download the images I […]