Traffic Survey: improve efficiency of traffic analysis with AI

A traffic survey company is a specialist firm that gathers and analyzes data on traffic patterns. This data is crucial for various purposes related to transportation planning and management. In general, a traffic survey company deals with collecting traffic data through various methods. The data collection takes place through on-site personnel who take care of […]

Person re-identification

Person re-identification is tracking and recognizing the person through computer vision in a multi-camera system. The recognition of the person does not only occur through tracking but also thanks to the recognition of secondary characteristics attributable to the subject, in multiple frames. The use of personal re-identification is fundamental in the field of security or […]

Detect object’s distance with LIDAR camera Intel Realsense L515

We analyze the intel real sense lidar camera L515 and write the code to take the distance of a specific object from the camera. The software used to measure distance will also work with Intel Realsense D435i Measure object distance, and differences between the two realsense camera The two depth cameras have several differences, but […]

How computer vision and AI can impact industrial production

In this article we will see about industrial production with computer vision and artificial intelligence, what hardware and software are needed, its applications within the industrial production process, from the beginning of production to its disassembly, and in the end overall analysis and what are the challenges in implementation and use. The main components for […]

How to measure the size of objects with a very high accuracy

Is it possible to measure the size of objects and achieve an accuracy of 1 mm or more with measurement through a computer vision camera? The answer is yes. We will see some cameras used to measure the size of objects and do some tests to answer this question. What can object size measurement be […]