Consulting & Contracting

It’s Sergio (founder of Pysource),

Each month I make myself available for personal coaching to a small number of people.

If you’re looking for support or a guide for the integration of Computer Vision inside your company, then a one-on-one coaching with me might be what you need.

I can help you via consultation calls and/or writing code to your specifications with the following:

Why work with Me

I’ve been developing computer vision projects since 2017.
In the last years I helped dozens of clients on one-on-one consultations only, and hundreds through my online computer vision courses.

I released over 150 videos and articles about computer vision, and my content is accessed by thousands of people each month.

I collaborated with universities for research projects, developers, freelancers and business owners.

How it works

After you fill the form below, you will receive an email with all the information you need and a calendar link to book a time that works for you.

I will also ask for some basic information in advance so that we can dive right into your situation on the actual call.

1 Hour (Consultation Via Zoom): 250$ USD

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