Interactive SeaWalk Installation in Milan

In November 2023, the Technical Art Director Graziano De Vecchis approached us with a unique challenge, to collaborate on the development of an immersive, interactive event experience. This project was conceived in partnership with Artled, a company renowned for its spectacular visual solutions, and under the leadership of CEO Sossio Pezzella.

Our joint endeavor was to enable multiple participants to walk on a simulated sea, generating waves as they moved.

This initiative was part of a larger venture by MSC Cruises, dubbed MSC Lighthouse, aiming to create a temporary store that offered the essence of an MSC-branded vacation through immersive technology, interactive light games, and other special effects.

Clients Objective

The core goal was a realistic simulation of the sea, making attendees feel like they were truly walking on water with responsive ripples echoing actual waves.

Accommodating multiple participants simultaneously was key to enhance social engagement, ensuring each person influenced the experience.

Unlike many interactive installations that require participants to wear specialized glasses or gear, the SeaWalk experience was designed to be entirely equipment-free. This meant that guests could seamlessly enter the immersive environment without any additional steps or barriers, enhancing the accessibility and ease of participation.

This showcased their commitment to innovation, using the interactive sea-walking experience to embody their brand values in a memorable way.


Limited Timeframe

One of the primary challenges faced by the team was the extremely tight timeframe for development and deployment. Event setups often operate on strict schedules, leaving little room for delays or setbacks. This meant that every aspect of the project, from conceptualization to final implementation, needed to be meticulously planned and executed within a short period.

Low Light Conditions

The event space presented significant lighting challenges, with dim or fluctuating light levels throughout the area. This posed difficulties for the computer vision system, which relied on clear and consistent imaging to track the movement of participants. Overcoming this required specialized camera setups and advanced image processing techniques to ensure accurate tracking even in low-light environments.

High Frame Rate Requirement

Creating a realistic and immersive sea simulation meant achieving a high frame rate to ensure smooth animations and responsive interactions. This placed demands on the hardware and software systems, requiring optimization and fine-tuning to maintain performance while handling the processing requirements of the dynamic simulation and real-time participant tracking.

Our Solution:

Graphic Design and Animation:

Graziano developed the graphic design of the sea, ensuring that every detail, from the texture of the water to the movement of the waves, felt authentic. Using advanced animation techniques, they brought the sea to life, capturing the fluidity and dynamism of real waves in motion. Each ripple, crest, and swell was carefully animated to create a captivating and immersive experience.

Real-time Movement Detection:

At Pysource, we developed a sophisticated system capable of detecting the movement of participants in real-time. Multiple cameras strategically placed around the installation area captured the actions of guests as they walked on the designated “sea” floor.

Fine-tuning and Optimization:

Throughout the development process, Pysource worked closely with Graziano and ARTLED to fine-tune and optimize the system for performance. Achieving a high frame rate was essential for creating smooth and realistic animations, and Pysource implemented optimizations to ensure a seamless and responsive user experience.

The Result: A Seamless Fusion of Art, Technology

The success of the SeaWalk Interactive Installation was a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and technical expertise. Graziano, Pysource, and Artled (the creative company) had crafted an unforgettable experience that not only met but exceeded the client’s objectives, leaving event attendees with memories of a truly magical and immersive journey on the high seas.


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The installation was advertised on many national newspapers.

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Graziano De Vecchis – Technical Art Director
He is an experienced technician and art director.
He worked with prestigious Italian brands like Bulgari and Prada, as well as popular worldwide TV shows like X-Factor and Italia’s Got Talent.

Artled (the creative company)
A creative company that sells, rents and installs complex audio-visual systems for the design and creation of artistic scenography.