to DETECT and TRACK any object even if you have a basic programming knowledge


FULL VIDEO-COURSE with over 40 lessons.
25+ SOURCE CODES ready to run on your machine.
FASTEST, MOST INTUITIVE and EASIEST source codes and implementation you’ll ever find.

“I’m very impressed how easy you made it to use.”

“Awesome course and thanks for the continuous updates” .

“I like the way you packed everything together” .

STOP READING more articles, TRYING new source codes and WATCHING MORE VIDEOS…

I know how it feels!

When you look for “Object detection” and “Object Tracking” on Google you get simply overwhelmed by the amount of information you find: YOLO, Tensorflow, Keras, OpenCV. And then Pytorch, Caffe, SSD, R-CNN just to name a few.

Most likely, before coming here, you surfed through different sources about Computer Vision, Object Detection and Object Tracking, watched video tutorials on YouTube about it, read blog posts, or even bought some books and courses but still you’re not able to build the projects you need because:

On the articles you read there is too much theory and not real-life applications
Video tutorials gave you only partial information and you don’t know how to use it
Courses are too long and not straight to the point
The free source codes you tested don’t work as expected and are very complex.
Books and courses are hard to follow and you never get to read their end
The information you found left you even more confused than when you started


Nowadays Time is one of your most valuable assets!

As a researcher, or professional you’re bound to tight deadlines. As a freelancer and business owner, each hour of your time is worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

And it’s exactly for this reason that I built this course for people like you in mind, for people who value their time and that are ready to invest in premium content.

This is how my course is different from the other sources you’ve gone through so far:

Build real projects easily and quickly
Complete tutorials with clear information about each single step to build your project
Straight to the point but with precise explanations so that you know what you’re doing
4 Stand-alone modules get what you need without going through everything
Custom source codes, that are intuitive, simple to implement and ready to run

Course Modules

1. Quick Object Detection (with OpenCV)

Get your object detected in no time on a controlled environment, whether by the color of the objects, objects that are moving from a stable camera or similar objects by their features.

These are very light methods that only use simple image processing, so they’re very light and at the same time efficient with the right conditions.

11 Lessons | 9 Python files
The 4 fastest object Detection Methods
The lightest methods that can run on any machine in real-time
All this with only a few and simples lines of code
The simplest object detection implementation
Detect Objects in no time (by their color, stable camera, or their features)

Module 1 – (valued 550$)

2. Object Detection with Deep Learning

By using OpenCV with Deep Learning you will be able to Detect any Object, in any type of environment.

You will get a CLEAR 3-Step process to create a custom Object Detector. It will be the easiest and most intuitive way to train a custom detector that you can find.

7 Lessons | 3 Python files | 2 Colab Notebooks
Detect objects from an Image or in real-time
You can detect common objects (with the pretrained models) or create your own model to detect any object.
Simple installation and integration on your computer
You can run this on your own computer or on the Nvidia Jetson Nano.

Custom Detector in only 3-STEPS

Easily train on the CLOUD or on your own GPU
Custom detector ready in less than 24 hours.
Ready codes to run your Object Detector on your machine
Different YOLO models to chose (scaled versions for higher precision, or tiny for faster speed)

Easily Download Image datasets for 600+ categories

Use our source codes or notebook to download thousands of annotated images.
Save many hours of your time. Annotated images just a click away

Easy Training from Notebooks

Notebook to train your custom model on the CLOUD (using Google Colab, NO INSTALLATIONS REQUIRED)
Notebook to train your model on your computer
Multiple YOLO models to choose (for better speed or better accuracy)
Step-by-step lessons will guide you on the creation of an efficient and precise custom detector.

Simple and Intuitive!

Your detector in less than 30 lines of code

Easy, short, to read intuitive code
Display bounding boxes around your objects detected.
Every single line is written from scratch and explained in the video lessons.

Module 2 – (valued 1050$)

3. Object Tracking

In this module you will be able to implement Object Tracking and Object Counting.

You can assign a univocal ID to each object, Track their movement and Count the objects that are crossing a specific area.

The most up-to-date tracking algorithms are provided to guarantee a reliable tracking.

6 Lessons | 6 Python files
You can detect, count and track the trajectory of any object.
The most advanced tracking algorithms, and their simplest implementation you can find.
The simplest Object Tracking implementations
Track objects in real-time or from a video footage.

Tracking with SORT and Deep SORT

Implement SORT or Deep SORT tracking in less than 10 lines of code.
Ready codes to use with Deep Learning and Deep Sort tracking, to track any objects.
Everything is explained, simple to implement and to customize.

Module 3 – (valued 2450$)

4. Full Projects

We’re going to build Full projects from scratch by using the source codes and lesson contained in the previous module.

You will have the change to see first-hand the potential and outcomes the source codes provided in the course have, by how fast and efficiently we can build the projects.

4 Lessons | 4 Python files

Project 1: Tracking from Drone Footage

In this first project we will be automating the count of Broccolis from a Drone footage and we’ll take a snapshot of each plant . This is an operation that will allow to estimate the number of the plants and the crops homogeneity.

Learning to build such projects, will give you the instruments to detect and count any type of object with deep learning.

Project 2: Conveyor Belt

This second project is focusing on developing very quickly a prototype on a controlled environment. This specific project here was built in less than 90 minutes.

Module 4 – (valued 4000$)


BONUS 1: Computer Vision with OpenCV Basics

Have you got zero experience with Computer Vision?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I packed the core of computer vision basics, the only you will need in just 8 lessons (less than 2 hours).

Module Bonus – (valued 600$)

Here are some of the technologies used in the course:

Total value: 8650$

With this course you will:

BUILD your projects


The project you had in mind becomes a reality and it’s out there serving people.

SAVE months of your TIME

That you would normally spend if you had to study and start from scratch.


It’s a fast evolving field and this skills are very well paid and requested.

Get valuable INSTRUMENTS

Consider that some of the source codes inside, are worth thousands of $

Startup Founders, Researchers, Students, Developers and Companies from more than 25 countries bought this course.

You might be thinking…

Can’t I learn all this from free online articles or on YouTube?

Nowadays there are a tons of articles and video tutorials on YouTube about anything you can think of!

I also released over 130 Videos and blog posts sharing tips and tutorials about Computer Vision.

But there is a huge side effect when learning from Free articles online and o YouTube. You’ll be wasting hundreds of hours of your time searching for tutorials, reading articles that usually only give you partial and contradictory answers.

Plus, in a fast-evolving field like “Computer Vision” is, there is a high risk to encounter a lot of outdated solutions and naively adopting one of them can define whether you will succeed or fail.

If you want to develop Computer Vision software, easily, efficiently, in a structured way and, in the shortest time possible, then this course is for you.

For some – that’s 597$ well spent!

If months of your time aren’t worth that much yet… then you can stick to the free articles and YouTube until it is.

Who this course is for:

You want a step-by-step, proven way and resources, to build SUCCESSFUL COMPUTER VISION SOFTWARE, for you or for your clients in the shortest time possible.
You want to GET RESULTS and you are willing to put in the work, follow the lessons and build real projects.
You’re willing to TAKE ACTION, study, try the different instruments that are offered to you until your REACH YOUR GOAL.

Who this course is NOT for:

You’re expecting a magic pill that gets thing done for you.
You do not care about speed. This program is developed to give you valuable skillsets and source codes to build projects easily, efficiently and in the shortest amount of time frame.

What people say about me …

(here just some from thousands of comments about my video tutorials)



(One time payment)

4 Stand-alone modules
25+ Python Source codes ready to run on your machine
40+ Video Lessons
Discussion section (you can ask questions about each lesson)
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Object Detection and Object Tracking
2 Full Projects built from scratch
BONUS: Computer Vision Basics

There are two types of people…

There people who spend countless hours on the web, that randomly read articles, download free codes from various tutorials, aimless, not really knowing what they’re doing, just hoping that by mixing all these pieces together they will succeed!


There are people who value their time, who follow more structured paths, build successful projects, run businesses that serve other people.

I see this patterns repeating over and over again by the emails I receive and by the numerous comments on videos and articles on my blog.

The first category is usually 99% of the people.

Which one is more appealing to you?


Hi there,

My name is Sergio, I’ll be your instructor in this course.

  • I’m a Computer Vision Consultant, Developer and Course Instructor.
  • Founded pysource.com in 2017 to help companies and freelancers to build easily and quickly, efficient Computer Vision software.
  • 130+ Videos and Articles released about Computer Vision.
  • 80k+ people per month access our content.
  • 3+ Million Youtube views
  • Collaborated with Universities for Research projects, Freelancers, Business owners and have clients from more than 25 different countries.


How long do I have to access the course?

You pay only once and you will have lifetime access.

Can I get a discount?

I’m sorry, unfortunately that’s not possible.

The price I’m giving this course for it’s already the lowest it can be, if you consider that only some of the source codes that are inside are worth much more than the full price itself.

I could sell this course just to Companies for thousands of dollars, and they would get a ton of value. If I decided this lower price is because I want to give the chance to anyone to access it.

What are the entry requirements?

Only a basic python programming knowledge is required.

I have zero experience in Computer Vision, can I follow this course?

Yes, absolutely you can follow this course.

All the Computer Vision basics will be covered inside the course and each single line of code is always explained so that you know exactly what your doing.

I’m already a Developer, is this course good for me?

Yes, many developer bought this course.

The biggest advantage you get from this course as developer, is the simple implementation and source codes. They will save you a ton of time, making the return of investment for your projects much higher than if you had to do this by yourself.

Do I need a GPU to follow the course and develop software?

Nope! Though, having a GPU is recommended when you want to run your software with a high speed from a Camera in real-time, but everything in general can be done with a simple laptop.

Plus also Colab Notebooks will be provided, this means that you will be able to use FREE GPUs offered by GOOGLE.

What OS System do I need to follow the course?

The source codes will work on any Linux machine, MAC or Windows system.

This specific course and the installation specifically are designed for Windows 10 or greater.

Can I pay with PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer?

You can pay with PayPal or Credit Card directly by clicking on “Buy Now”, after you signed-up with your Name and Email.

If you want to pay with Bank transfer, please contact us here [email protected]

Can I get an invoice?

Yes. After you make the payment, send your company details to this email: [email protected]

I have more questions, can I contact you?

Of course. If you have got any question about the course, feel free to email us at [email protected]

30 Day Money back Guarantee*

I’m so confident about the quality of this videocourse and that you’ll be able to get advantage from it that I offer you a 30 day full money back guarantee.

Go through the course, follow all the steps and put in the work. If you’re not improving your skills and not getting any benefit from it, then you can send me an email and I’ll refund you immediately.



(One time payment)

4 Stand-alone modules
25+ Python Source codes ready to run on your machine
40+ Video Lessons
Discussion section (you can ask questions about each lesson)
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Object Detection and Object Tracking
2 Full Projects built from scratch
BONUS: Computer Vision Basics