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What can you do with Computer Vision?

With "Computer Vision" we define literally a computer that sees. We humans do it with the eyes, the computer does it with a camera.

So anything that requires visual recognition can potentially be part of it: vehicle classification, plants detection, products recognition on a conveyor belt, just to name a few practical applications for industries.

But also face filters (like on instagram), person recognition, cancer detection and much more.

What can you get here?

The Academy is a complete videocourse which teaches you how to build advanced Computer vision applications from scratch.




If youre a developer, a student or the owner of a company you can contact me for contracting work, private lessons or consulting.


Hi There,

my name is Sergio,

Since 2017 I've been studying and recording video lessons about Computer Vision. My mission is making Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence simple to understand for everyone.

The services I offer are mainly for college students, programmers and small to medium business Owners.

  • As student you can ask for one on one lessons, where you can get help with your project. Usually I help students to develop small prototypes for their thesis project.

  • As programmer you might want to get access to the Academy. The Pysource Academy is a paid program where you can learn to build and deploy computer vision applications from scratch.The only entry requirement is a basic knowledge of python programming.

  • As business owner, you might be interested in introducing Computer Vision inside your company. Nowdays thanks to the fast progresses of the Artificial intelligence, robots can perform tasks that require visual recognition better than the humans do.

If you don't belong to any of these categories, you can still access the many free resources on my blog. There are more than 80 tutorials where you can start playing around with the computer visions basics.


If you're a student, a freelancer or you own a small/medium company, below are the services I can offer to you.


I can help you with simple projects for your studies, for example build prototypes for the thesis.

100 $/hour

Usually the projects take from 10 to 15 hours of work.


You can implement Computer vision in your company to automate processes that require visual recognition.

from 5000 $


You can ask for consulting for advanced projects which require the use of artificial intelligence.

ask a quote

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