You can BUILD software to

DETECT and TRACK any object

This brand new (2022) FREE WORKSHOP will show you a 4-Step action plan to build Computer Vision Software in the easiest and most efficient way.

4-Step action plan to build Computer Vision Software
The easiest and most efficient way to detect and track objects today
The Number 1 Mistake that most people make! (if you keep doing this you will eventually fail)
The strategy to build software, project and prototypes very fast.


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About the Instructor:

Hi there,

My name is Sergio, I’m the founder of Pysource and the instructor in this Workshop.

  • I’m a Computer Vision Consultant, Developer and Course Instructor.
  • Founded pysource.com in 2017 to help companies and freelancers to build easily and quickly, efficient Computer Vision software.
  • 130+ Videos and Articles released about Computer Vision.
  • 80k+ people per month access our content.
  • 3.5+ Million YouTube views
  • Collaborated with Universities for Research projects, Freelancers, Business owners and have clients from more than 25 different countries.