Add multiple Images , neural network

In this lesson we’re going to see how to add multiple images to train the neuron with. In addition to the vertical white line image we used in the previous lesson, we’re adding also the horizontal white line, so that the neuron will be trained for both of them. In this lesson you will learn: […]

Face swapping – Opencv with Python (part 1)

We’re going to learn in this new tutorial series how to create the snapchat filter “Face swap”. In this first tutorial wi will learn how to: Get the external boundaries of the face Extract the face from the image Here below you will find the full source code and a really quick explanation. You will […]

Eye motion tracking – Opencv with Python

We’re going to learn in this tutorial how to track the movement of the eye using Opencv and Python. Studying the eye Before getting into details about image processing, let’s study a bit the eye and let’s think what are the possible solutions to do this.In the picture below we see an eye. The eye […]